Listen! Zucchini Drive – Howler Than Thou

Zucchini Drive blend an interesting mix of rock and hip hop (and no, NOT like Limp Bizkit) in their songs. Their latest song is Howler Than Thou, and you (yes, you!) can check it out below. I actually didn’t initially like the intro to the song, as it sort of sounds like someone talking loudly with vocal effects, and not really singing or rapping. However, the layers and beat that get added sort of wash away the beginning, and transform the song, as does the higher pitched complimentary vocals.

Zucchini Drive

At least Zucchini Drive are not cuddling the peach and eating the cat…

The song builds and picks up, and is definitely worth a listen, even if watching a video chalk full of close ups of a mouth and teeth aren’t overly appealing. The album, No Food But Lots of Weapons, accurately describes my kitchen, and will be released on September 25.

Zucchini Drive – Howler Than Thou

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