Morning Music Notes – Vote for Pirates

Noel Gallagher Talks Politics

Don’t skip this paragraph. I guess if you skipped it because of the headline, you ain’t reading this. It’s not as boring as it sounds, given the career sound bites that Noel has given the world. Noel was asked about British politics and who garnered his vote (via NME).

“It’s the first time I’ve just picked the most ludicrous thing on the list. Some guy dressed as a pirate – there’s nothing cooler than a pirate,” said Noel Gallagher.

If you’re the guy dressed as the pirate, YOU are now the coolest guy around.

More Details on the Black Keys’ El Camino

PHM showed you the comical El Camino used car spoof video the Black Keys used to announce their December 6 new album, El Camino. And that is pretty much all the information we got. It doesn’t make me want to buy the album, but it DOES make me want to buy an El Camino. Well, now there is some more information (about the album, not El Caminos).

The first single will be Lonely Boy which is about me and will be out October 26. Thee full tracklisting is:

1. “Lonely Boy”
2. “Dead and Gone”
3. “Gold on the Ceiling”
4. “Little Black Submarines”
5. “Money Maker”
6. “Run Right Back”
7. “Sister”
8. “Hell of a Season”
9. “Stop Stop”
10. “Nova Baby”
11. “Mind Eraser”

And here I was really hoping for a lame car or 1980s style tracklisting. If my jug band starts up again, I know what I’m naming the tracks.

Stream: Puscifer – Conditions of my Parole

Everyone’s favourite multi-band wine maker, Maynard James Keenan, is prepping the launch of his third band’s second album. Man, that last sentence was a mouthful – my grammar teacher is rolling over in her grave. The band I’m referring to is Puscifer and the album is Conditions of my Parole. Pop over to and give the album a listen ahead of it’s release next week. Then go watch the documentary about Maynard’s wine making – Blood into Wine. Who knew that ‘crazy Tool guy’ would be so into wine?

Check out a promo video for the new album below.

[youtube P1ouiutEfh4]

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