Morning Music Notes – Scavenger Hunt in Manhattan

Happy iPhone 4S Pre-Order Day!

Apple Predicted the Future

A video that has been making the rounds in the web is an 1987 commercial from Apple. I didn’t know they had TV back then! The video shows an idea that is similar to a tablet today, as well as an artifical intelligence assistant, which is the new feature (Siri) being promoted with the iPhone 4S. Now why did this take 24 years to come into fruition?! Check out the video below.

Apple Introducing Futureshock
[youtube 3WdS4TscWH8]

Apple Introducing Siri for iPhone 4S
[youtube rNsrl86inpo]

Google Maps Scavenger Hunt to Find Noah Wall’s Album

Do you like maps and scavenger hunts? Do you hate like music? Then this article is for you! Unknown Electronic music artist, Noah Wall, has decided to do something a little creative for his current album release – a New York City scavenger hunt (via Wired). This is also a good way to meet women – provide a map DIRECTLY to your house!

The electronic musician hid copies of the album all over Manhattan on Thursday in a pattern that, when viewed on the map below, spelled out the record’s name: Hèloïse (also the name of Wall’s late mother, to whom the recording is dedicated).

“A scavenger hunt seemed like a good way to distribute the music to both unsuspecting passers-by and people who had accessed the website/map I made for the project,” Wall told in an email.

Beginning at 5:30 a.m. Thursday, Wall hit the streets to hide 38 copies of the album on vinyl and cassette from West 48th Street to East 96th Street. He estimated that if the placement of each album took about 10 minutes, he would be done with his task in less than seven hours.

Happy hunting!

Chris Martin Doesn’t Make His Kids Listen to Coldplay

This might put Chris Martin in the Parent of the Year running – he doesn’t make his kids listen to Coldplay (via NME). The Coldplay singer just makes the rest of the world, by invading commercials and radio waves everywhere.

“My children made me more focused on not wasting time on anything I don’t think is worth wasting time on. So that’s affected my editing process… You don’t want to spend months and months doing something and have it turn out terrible. You want your kids to be proud, basically. So it gives you extra drive” says Chris Martin.

Hopefully they are proud of your naming skills. Apple. Moses. Mylo Xyloto (not a kid, but it could be if they get freaky again).

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  1. Steve says:

    You bastard, you almost made me like Chris Martin for a second. But I guess if you combined “having Gwyneth Paltrow as your mom” with “having to listen to Coldplay,” it would qualify as unequivocal child abuse.