Morning Music Notes – Energy Drinks for Africa

Riding The Wave of Success

As reported last night on PHM, Pajama PJ Harvey won her second Mercury Prize, winning for her recent album Let England Shake. And because of all the media and hoopla surrounding the award, people who might not know PJ Harvey now do. And that leads to the all-important measurement: album sales.

“Online retailer told Gigwise that it saw an also instant 1190% boost in sales of ‘Let England Shake’ after the announcement was made shortly before 10.30pm (BST) / 5.30pm (EST). It is currently sitting at number two in the music chart behind fellow nominee Adele’s ’21’.” (via Gigwise).

Of course, the number must be taken with a grain of salt, as her album was released in February, so weekly sales 7 months later were significantly lower than they would have been in February/March. But over 1000% is still impressive, despite my mathematical proofs to tell you otherwise.

Just What We Need – A New Energy Drink!

Perhaps this should not be slammed because the ever vague ‘proceeds’ are going to a good cause, but 50 Cent now has an energy drink (via NME). The energy drink Street King will donate a portion of its proceeds to help provide food for children in Africa. Understandably, a great cause. However, if you’ve read Naomi Klein’s No Logo (and are a cynic), you will understand the shift of brands to be more than a brand, but to be a lifestyle, or to have a cause associated with it. Sure, 50 Cent cares about the “devastation and desperation” ravaged continent, but he also cares about the bottom line – mo’ money for Fifty. Maybe if he made a decent album now and then, he wouldn’t need to resort to energy drinks. And hey, check out a video of it below that will practically make you want to throw your money at Street King. You want a solution? Donate directly to African causes, don’t buy an energy drink that will profit 50 Cent! Anyone else see the irony in hungry kids having money provided to them by a non-nutritious energy drink??

[youtube wHT0zLgDoj8]

Amy Winehouse Foundation to Launch on September 14

Although the domain name for the foundation has not been settled due to a cyber squatter, Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch is pushing ahead with the opening of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

In a message on Twitter, Mitch Winehouse said he hoped to foundation could help “turn our friend into positive action”.

“Think of all of the sick and disadvantaged kids we will help in her name,” he added. (via Gigwise)

Supersize Girl Talk

Documentarian (new word!) Morgan Spurlock, creator of Supersize Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, has a new series called A Day in the Life. Tonight’s episode will feature DJ Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis, the DJ who invites dozens of fans onstage at his shows and creates instant dance parties.

Check out a preview of Girl Talk’s episode below. He saran-wraps his computers – new trend?!

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4 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Surprised Adele didn’t win the Mercury, but nice to know that sales don’t trump all. After Arcade Fire’s win at the Grammys, can we dare hope music awards might start gaining credibility?

    Well, no. It’s a nice idea though.

  2. krou1314 says:

    Is it sad that I’ve haven’t heard a PJ Harvey song since “Down by the Water” which I listened to ad nauseum when I was in high school? I’m looking forward to hearing this new album…

  3. Pete! says:

    The ‘new album’ was out in February, so you can check it out today if you want, krou1314.

  4. krou1314 says:

    Well you weren’t blogging in February so how was I suppose to know? You provide me with all the new music releases I need to know:)