Morning Music Notes – Paul McCartney Has a Future In Showbusiness

Label Rejects the Beatles, Comes to Senses in 2011 with Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, of Wings Beatles fame, is releasing a new ballet called Ocean’s Kingdom (via Hollywood Reporter). The label that is helping McCartney release it is Decca, the label who once rejected the Beatles, noting that the group had “no future in showbusiness”.

“The show will debut on Sept. 22 at the New York City Ballet and will have four additional performances in September and five in January. The recording will be released in Britain by Decca on Oct. 3.”

“McCartney’s four-movement Ocean’s Kingdom is conducted by John Wilson and perfomed by the London Classical Orchestra. The hour and a half performance tells the tale of an underwater love story, where the deep-sea world is threatened by humans.”

If you’re not sure if Macca can properly write a ballet, check out some of his previous work from his classical music effort Standing Stone.

[youtube 5Vq7AxJbvto]

Random! Alice Cooper Duet with Ke$sha

Anytime you need to find the dollar sign on your keyboard, you know you’re dealing with a pretentious artist. Maybe Alice Cooper can change the ‘c’ to the cent logo to go along with his duet with Ke$ha. What would 1970s Alice Cooper say about a duet with Ke$ha? Well, 2010s PHM says check out the song, What Baby Wants, below if you want to make your ears sad. Warning: NSFW and for anywhere for that matter, as it is f*cking awful.

[youtube ZD0tdIh8frM]

New Multimedia Project from Flying Lotus

Hip hop dubstep artist Flying Lotus, aka FlyLo, is releasing a new project with artist/animator/filmmaker Miwa Matreyek (via Pitchfork).

“Titled The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come, the project aims to “find inspiration and direct sampling of northeast Los Angeles’ imagery and sounds” and “celebrate the present communities surrounding Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock”, according to CFAER’s website.”

“The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come is set to debut at CFAER in June of 2012. Those interested in supporting the project can contribute funds at its Kickstarter page. All donations made between now and November 30 of this year will be doubled by a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. According to the Kickstarter page, “Miwa Matreyek will create an interactive animated projected film with which she will choreograph her movements to match the animation. Steven Ellison [Flying Lotus] will work with Miwa Matreyek to create an original score to accompany the film.”

For those who not know Flying Lotus, he is a big Radiohead fan, and Thom Yorke is a big admirer of him, having collobrations on his previous album, Cosmogramma, as well as DJ’ing live with him a few times. Check out one of FlyLo’s songs, Massage Situation, below.

[youtube 6oUx6wGCekM]

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