Morning Music Notes – Radiohead + Jack White = My Fantasies Coming True

England kicks off their Euro 2012 campaign today, so you will not see many (read: any other) posts today, due to my inability to do much else when drinking besides peeing in the corner of pubs and challenging all the wrong people to fight.

Radiohead to Collaborate with Jack White? My Mind Might Have Melted

Radiohead headed down to Manchester, Tennessee on Friday to play this year’s Bonnaroo festival. Before they played, they hung out with Mr. Jack White (whose Third Man Records is an hour away in Nashville), and did something other than “shoot the shit” I’m guessing. Before Radiohead played Supercollider, Thom Yorke said “PeteHatesMusic is the best!” “This song is for Jack White. We saw him yesterday. A big thank-you to him, but we can’t tell you why. You’ll find out.”

I HATE SURPRISES – TELL ME NOW! Did Jack White teach Thom Yorke the secret to Connect 4? I KNEW I shouldn’t have told you, Jack!

Props to YouTube user AustinBrock, who has the whole 2 hour and 20 minute Radiohead performance from Bonnaroo uploaded via their webcast, which we have embedded below.

Radiohead – Live at Bonnaroo 2012

via Billboard…

Radiohead also debuted Full Stop in Chicago over the weekend. Busy boys. Check out a video of it below, and dance appropriately (or inappropriately).

Radiohead – Full Stop (live)

D’Angelo Plays Surprise Set at Bonnaroo

Remember D’Angelo? The guy who blew minds and made that that video? Well, there is a massive (yet very interesting) interview with GQ documenting how he fell so far and what the hell he has been doing ( He played his first soil on US soil in 12 years at a surprise set at Bonnaroo. Via Pitchfork…

?uestlove had a “superjam” (sounds exciting!) and they played severals covers with other members of the Roots, Parliament Funkadelic and the Time. You can see footage of them covering the Beatles’ She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, off of Abbey Road, below.

3 People Died At Rockness This Weekend

The awesomely named Scottish rock festival, Rockness, had several drug-related incidents and a death, which marred the event (via Rolling Stone). A 19 year old collapsed on Saturday night and died on Sunday, and 2 other people were hospitalized Sunday – all believed to be drug-related. Police are looking into a stimulant called Benzo Fury, which has the word “fury” in it, guarantee good drug sales.

Sadly, a bus en route to the festival crashed, killing 2 people in the van it collided with, and injuring 14 people on the bus. There were no sightings or incidents involving the Loch Ness monster this weekend, leading to disappointed fans everywhere.
Via Rolling Stone…

WARNING: NO ONE SHOULD SEE THIS – Madonna Shows Some 53-Year Old Nipple

Oh Madonna. You will do anything to stay popular and relevant. Whether it’s mashing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way (which clearly rips off Madonna) into her Express Yourself song at her live shows, or making out with Britney Spears in years past, Madonna knows how to play the media. Her latest trick? Stripping down to her bra, and then flashing the crowd her nipple. Yes, she knew this would get onto YouTube. Yes, she knew mainstream media (and us lowly bloggers) would post it. And now we ask “does Madonna have a new album? Maybe we should see her on tour if we can see some nipples!” Note that they are 53 year old nipples, and you can buy an old Playboy if you want to see a complete naked and youthful Madonna. Anyway, for those who want a NSFW video of Madonna, check it out below. It’s really not exciting.

Watch! The Vaccines – No Hope

The Vaccines are back and have a new video for their recently revealed song, No Hope. The song is off of their upcoming album, The Vaccines Come of Age, which is out on September 4. The video features a boy on a bike with flowers, getting some encouragement from the band at one point, as he tries to woo the love of his young life. Watch the whole thing unfold, and hope you react a little better if you happen to get rejected. Oh, delayed spoiler alert: he doesn’t win the girl.

The Vaccines – No Hope

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