New Video: Moby – Lie Down in Darkness

Moby is still alive? has made a video for his latest single, Lie Down in Darkness. The track is from his latest album, out this past May, called Destroyed. Moby described the album as being “very melodic and atmospheric and electronic, and if i had to sum it up i would describe it as: ‘broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m’.” Since reading that and listening to Lie Down in Darkness, I agree; perhaps I am easily influenced.

The video features an old Russian cosmonaut (not a word I use as often as I’d like) looking back on his time in outer space. spoke to one of the directors, Luke Seomore, in an interview on their site.

“When I made this video, I realized that a good 50 or 60 percent of the music videos I’ve made have something to do with astronauts or outer space. I guess I’m basically a nerdy musician who wishes he was an astronaut.”

Really – who isn’t?

“We really liked the idea of an old astronaut in a modern city contrasted with the astronaut in his youth travelling to space,” he added. The team worked hard to research the video, drawing inspiration from Yuri Gagarin biography Starman. They were particularly interested in the partners of cosmonauts and astronauts. “They have an interesting dichotomy: On one hand they are really proud that their other half is going into space, but there is also this great fear,” said Seomore. “This idea is explored within the music video. Similarly the astronauts have a great sense of pride but at the same time isolation, because so few people have had the same experience.”

“Moby took a hands-on role when it came to post-production, offering quite a bit of feedback to the directing duo. “We were pretty harmonious most of the time,” said Seomore, “although he was keen to emphasize the contrast of how the ‘old’ footage was graded versus the ‘modern’ footage, whereas we wanted to keep it a bit ambiguous.”

Check it out below.

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