Make Your Ears Happy: Trent Reznor – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo snippet

If 1994 Trent Reznor could look at 2011 Trent Reznor, would he be impressed with his vast accomplishments and career shifts or embarrassed that he went from a dark industrial band leader to a bow-tie-wearing-at-the-Oscars award winning music writer? The former Nine Inch Nails front man recently scored the Oscar-winning soundtrack for The Social Network, and was picked by David Fincher yet again to score the American adaption of the novel, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The movie is out on December 21, 2011, and stars James Bond! Daniel Craig and Wayne Rooney Mara, and is directed by David Fincher.

The first little tease of the soundtrack can be found below. It is a seven minute, instrumental diddy, and – SURPRISE! – is a bit dark and broody. Give it a listen if it’s your cup of tea.

[youtube O5uDh_xoXsg]

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