New Album Announced from The Field – Looping State of Mind

The Field (real name Axel Willner) is an electronica/techno artist from Sweden. Aren’t they all? The Field have released two very solid albums to date, and have announced the release date of a third, hopefully equally solid, album. The album is called Looping State of Mind (musical reference bonus points!) and will be out on October 25 in North America (via Pitchfork). The tracklisting for the 7 song album is below:

1 Is This Power
2 It’s Up There
3 Burned Out
4 Arpeggiated Love
5 Looping State of Mind
6 Then It’s White
7 Sweet Slow Baby

And while I have your attention, check out the song Over The Ice by The Field.

[youtube BcCR8zwUdOY]

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