Broken Social Scene Member Dislikes Video for Sweetest Kill

Last month, PeteHatesMusic displayed the new video for Broken Social Scene’s The Sweetest Kill. The video sort of reminded me of the TV show Dexter, as well as my secret desire to murder people with axes. Spinner has a great interview with Andrew Whiteman from Broken Social Scene, who comments on the Sweetest Kill video.

“I actually haven’t seen the video, but I think that’s bulls—,” he says, flatly. “The literalism of that — it’s like ‘the song is called ‘Sweetest Kill,’ so why don’t we have a hot chick kill her boyfriend?’ Like, what the f— is that? That’s weak s—, man. Weak s—.”

“That’s not what ‘Sweetest Kill’ is about,” he continues, offering his own alternate treatment. “‘Sweetest Kill’ is when you’re f—ing 14, 15 years old and you’re at summer camp. It’s the last night, you’re at the tennis court, it’s outside and it’s a chaperoned dance. Nobody’s drunk except the bad kids and you’re dancing to f—ing ‘Stairway to Heaven’. That’s ‘Sweetest Kill’ man, not that f—ing literalist bulls—. It’s a beautiful song.”

As the article goes on to state, “While the song is a tender ballad, the video is surprisingly violent. Directed by Claire Edmonson, the clip sees actress Bijou Phillips hack apart the body of her former lover with an axe. The video’s gory content caused it to be banned from both MuchMore and MuchMusic despite being partially funded by MuchFact, the video production fund exclusively used by the two Canadian music stations.”

For those who have not seen the video, check it out below.

[youtube 2g77t_CnYM8]

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