Video: Interpol – Lights, Animation by David Lynch

David Lynch is known for a lot of things. It’s true – I checked his Wikipedia page. Most recently, David Lynch did some animation which was the backdrop for their Coachella performance of Lights. Matador Records now has the video, and explains that the David Lynch short film is titled I Touch a Red Button. You can purchase it now digitally, and soon on CD.

The Huffington Post has a short piece about the story behind the collaboration between David Lynch and Interpol.

“It’s important to clarify that Mr. Lynch did not make a music video for our (Interpol’s) song. He made an animation of his character, and allowed us (Interpol) to show it. If you missed us at Coachella, then we’re proud to share this with you now. The Red Button Man… doing his thing.”

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  1. chai says:

    cool video, bro