Earbud Holder Doubles as an iPhone Holder – Magic!

The iAngle is not Apple-talk for a triangle. Well, I suppose it sort of is, given the shape of the product is a triangle. Anyway, mid-post discoveries aside, iAngle has invented an earbud holder that stops your wires from getting all tangled around the Warcraft action figures in your backpack. But not only that, but when they are in holding position, they can be used to prop up your iPhone, like an easel. More like A TRANSFORMER! But minus Megan Fox. Unless you’re watching Transformers on your iPhone on your iAngle. Too many layers to understand?! Look at the picture and marvel at the iAngle magic.

iAngle Earbuds and Phone holder

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1 Response

  1. Mr.D says:

    Very nice! I wouldn’t mind one of those myself!
    I hate rolling up those blood earphones.

    I wonder if it would fit with my big OTTER BOX case…

    Keep posting Pete! Good stuff!