Online Streaming Service Spotify Coming to the U.S. of A

The online streaming service that is Spotify, which currently rules in Europe (many many centuries after Napoleon first did) is now coming to America (many many years after Eddie Murphy first did). As reported by Hypebot, no exact details on Spotify pricing or release date are known, but you can register your email address on the Spotify UK site. Rumours have it that it will be $10, but there will be a free option. I like free options! No word on whether the great country of Canada will get snubbed as usual, or can join in the fun.

Spotify coming to USA, image by svartling

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  1. 2011/07/13

    […] As reported on PHM last week, Spotify is coming to America (I really want to reuse my obvious Eddie Murphy joke). As reported on Yahoo news today, Spotify is coming to America like Eddie Murphy – I did it, bitches! tomorrow. From Yahoo: […]