He Acts Like the Guy from Napster, but Buys MySpace

The guy who claims to have brought Sexy Back (from where, we don’t know – yet…) and also the same guy who is dating someone you have as your wallpaper on your computer now owes part of MySpace. Justin Timberlake is a social media machine. First, he stars in The Social Network, which is about Facebook. In that, he plays Shawn Fanning, better known as the creator of Napster, who becomes a partial owner of Facebook. Well now, life is imitiating art, or vice versa, as there are more layers here than a Christopher Nolan movie. But the bottom line is that Justin Timberlake is a part owner of MySpace.

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2 Responses

  1. chai says:

    n sync doll ! awesome. hasbro must have spent… a little more time on justin’s doll…

  1. 2011/07/05

    […] As PHM mentioned many moons ago, Justin Timberlake has some of his dough in the recently acquired MySpace purchase. He is hoping to revitalize the brand, which seems quite the challenge, given its previous lofty heights. How will he solve this? Talent show! NME is reporting that Justin Timberlake is considering running a MySpace talent show. No word on whether it will suck like virtually every other reality show. Although given Timberlake’s celeb power, the talent show will at least be filled with good looking people. […]