Morning Music Notes – No More Gettin’ Down on Friday, Friday

Rebecca Black’s Friday video has been taken down from YouTube. This is unrelated to recent possibly related riots in cities such as Vancouver, but it is because of legal disputes. Amazingly, it is NOT a copyright issue, with regards to the deep lyrics. With 200 million views to date, the removal of the video is going to free up my time, but also increase the available bandwidth on the internet, so that I can maximize my Farmville success.

After a barrage of tweets from 50 Cent this morning, that I should have apparently read, rather than Unfollow him he announced that his new album might be delayed until next year. The reason is thought to be problems with his label, specifically, the new Grammar department, who are reviewing his album lyrics.

If tracking your location by the GPS in your iPhone wasn’t enough control, now Apple might want to prevent you from recording concerts from your iPhone. Through the magic of technology, the phone will sense when you are filming a concert, and then stop recording. No word what that would mean for young Sally’s 5th birthday party where she sings for everyone. See what you’ve done, Apple? You’ve upset Sally! On an unrelated note, your digital camera will still function as both a camera AND a video recorder.

The Canadian album of the year award, officially the Polaris Prize, has announced the Long List (which lives up to its name) of albums. Early favourites include the Grammy-winning Arcade Fire, as well as Neil Young, Black Mountain, the Dears, PS I Love you….ok, there are many other favourites. I am not a Bookie, go gamble elsewhere.

The richest artists in the music world include U2, Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi. But are they truly happy? Of course they are, they have hundred of millions of dollars!


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