Morning Music Notes – Got Yourself a Gun

Almost Guaranteed to Be Amazing – David Lynch to Direct New Nine Inch Nails Video

Way back in 1997, back when I was first learning about girls and beer (two things I love to study to this day), Nine Inch Nails teamed up with filmmaker David Lynch for the Lost Highway soundtrack. The two have teamed up 16 years later, as the weirdo that is David Lynch will team up with the sometimes weirdos in Nine Inch Nails to direct the video for Came Back Haunted (via Rolling Stone). What can we expect? Weirdness, darkness, confusion, and a good song to back it all up.

The Killers Working With M83? A-OK!

M83 dropped a double album not too long ago, as well as some soundtrack work. The Killers just recently released a new album, too. But both are back at it – together (via NME). The details are scarce (like me in the shower), but Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci spoke about the collaboration, adding “Not just demos. Real recordings. I mean, you never know what it’s gonna be, I guess. But we have our engineer, and we’re working with a couple of surprise guests, in the producer capacity. Some of it is sounding really cool. We can be guilty of making things so ornate, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. So I always have conversations with Brandon about working from a smaller palate, simplifying things. If these new tracks develop a theme, a common thread, then that could be the start of something.”

Kanye West Collaborator List Is a Novel (Which Means I Won’t Read It)

If you have some time, pop on over to Kanye West’s website to read the full details of exactly who did what on his new album. I should warn you – I can’t read it’s like a phone book Daft Punk, we already knew about – they helped out on the first three tracks and Send It Up. Justin Vernon from Bon Iver shows up on three tracks, with executive producer credits given to Rick Rubin. Remember those rumours about a Marilyn Manson sample? Well, they ain’t true. Other collaborators of note: Chicago’s Chief Keef, musician and M.I.A.’s ex bf Ben Bronfman (credited as Teachers), and Jesus Walks helper Che Smith (credited as Rhymefest) is on a few tracks. Everyone but Jay-Z – let the rumours of a rift begin.

Watch CHVRCHES Make Their U.S. TV Debut

CHVRCHES PeteHatesMusic Toque2 (resize)

This ain’t America!

I would love to say that CHVRCHES made their Canadian YouTube debut on PeteHatesMusic – can I claim that? No, since they performed on Jian Ghomeshi’s Q show a few hours earlier, and we took our time uploading the interview. However, we can present to you the U.S. debut of CHVRCHES, which happened last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The band played The Mother We Share, and you can watch it below.

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

RIP James Gandolfini

The Sopranos is my favourite TV show of all-time. I have watched the entire series from start to finish several times, and get chills from James Gandolfini’s performance as Tony Soprano in numerous scenes. The sheer number of expressions and moods he can present with just a few changes in his facial expression is incredible. And no one does angry quite like Tony Soprano does. He died of a rumoured heart attack at the ridiculously young age of 51. In honour of his passing, below is the intro to the Sopranos that we have heard oh so many times. The track is called Woke Up This Morning and is by Alabama 3.

Sopranos Theme Song

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