Make Your Ears Happy! November 20, 2015 Edition

We are trying out a new format at PHM. We have so many good songs to post – mainly new ones, but a few older or missed gems – that you need to hear (and by older, we mean a few months, but the “first!” culture of the Internet means we should classify it as old). We’re not doing our job if you’re not listening to the great songs we’re hearing.

GGOOLLDD - All Night

Since you trust us (fools!), we thought we’d compile these tunes at least once a week into a playlist, and you can hit play and sit back, knowing the songs will be generally awesome. The playlists are created using Playmoss, which combines Soundcloud, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. If there are any suggestions or problems, please let us know.

Until then, hit play and make your ears happy. Song and artist information is below the playlist.

GGOOLLDD – All Night
Location: Based in Milwaukee, USA
Select previous posts: Younger Days
A minimalist description: Vocals a bit like Emily Haines, upbeat and synth happy tune

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Hey, You’re Mine
Location: Philadelphia (and Brooklyn), USA
A minimalist description: A slow, synth-laden song that glides right along

Django Django – Hold the Line
Location: Various parts of UK
Select previous posts: Pause Repeat, Shake and Tremble, Beginning to Fade, plus our interview with the band
A minimalist description: Unorthodox sounds, yet catchy as always

Bo Rocha – Now More Again
Location: London, UK
Select previous posts: Angel Eyes, Live Fast or Die
A minimalist description: Spacey, somewhat experimental, and great vocals from Kate Sproule

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