Watch! Kasabian – bumblebeee

Are you ready to rock? English group Kasabian have released a new video today for the killer tune bumblebeee. It’s the second single off the band’s new album 48:13 (via gigwise). The album’s first single was the catchy eez-eh.

I really like bumblebeee. The band opened their headlining Glastonbury set with it last month. I can’t wait to hear it September 30th in Toronto at The Sound Academy. In the vid, guitarist Sergio Pizzorno has a mysterious nosebleed, my guess is he’s been ‘partying’ with “Johnny Football” Manziel in Vegas lately. The video also features crazy human and dog moshpits.

Mosh Pit Memories:
Edgefest, Barrie, 2002. Metal band Sevendust was about to hit the stage, me and a buddy waiting 40 ft from stage, waiting for later bands. He asked me if I wanted to go up front, I said no, let’s chill here. As soon as the first bass note hit, everyone around us, in front of us, behind us, ALL rushed the stage. My buddy and I looked at each other, shrugged, and flew all the way to the first row railing in front of the stage. Looked just like this Kasabian vid:

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