Morning Music Notes – Bands Have Come and Gone Between Albums

We have some more music that features the newly travelled R&B / pop route carved out by the likes of James Blake and to a lesser extent The Weeknd, and newcomers like SOHN. The latest artist is Talos, and he’s from Ireland. His debut single is called Tethered Bones, which makes me not want to visit Ireland anytime soon.

Talos - Tethered Bones

The track has a slow, electronic groove to it, with Talos’ soothing vocals leading the way. Check it out below.

Morning Music Notes
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Tool have fiiiiiiiiiiinally finished their latest studio album! The follow up to 10,000 Days (from 2006) is now done, and should see the light of day in 2014. (via Consequence of Sound)

Remember when I told you Torquil Campbell from Stars wasn’t happy with the Field Trip line up? Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene has chimed in with his thoughts, saying there was a misunderstanding, he wishes Torq didn’t go public, but that’s who he is, and it’s all cool. Head over to Exclaim! to read the exact quotes and not my lazy paraphrasing.

What a joy it must be to be Pussy Riot. Two of the members were attacked by a group of guys, who poured paint on them and threw garbage at them in a McDonald’s. Wait, why did someone have paint sitting around in a McDonald’s? Is that a condiment in Russian McDonald’s? (via Guardian)

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