Morning Music Notes – Take Back The Name

Valentine’s Day comes early (or really late) for lovers of David Bowie. The legend is back with a new song from his surprise 2013 release, The Next Day. Bowie doesn’t roll out the guest stars for this video. Instead, we have Bowie, his electric guitar, and some ancient looking columns in a long corridor.

David Bowie - Valentine's Day - YouTube screen cap

The video is directed by Indrani and Markus Klinko, who worked with Bowie on the artwork for 2002 release, Heathen. Finally, a simple, controversy-free video from the 66 year old except for that scene where they slaughter young children. Check it out below.

David Bowie – Valentine’s Day

Morning Music Notes

Good news, indie music fans – you’re reading the best indie blog around indie labels have a record 34.4% market share based on sales so far this year. This tops last year’s 32.9%. Mumford & Sons lead the way with 1.1 million albums sold, followed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Lumineers, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, and some acts more up our alley – Vampire Weekend, Alabama Shakes, and Queens of the Stone Age. Go indie or go home (via Hypebot)

Beastie Boys have been relatively quiet since the passing of MCA last summer. Mike D released a 10 minute punk-led track last week, while rumours have now popped up that Ad-Rock will appear in the new Ben Stiller movie. Let’s hope it’s not another of those “90 minutes of lame puns based on the name Fockers, which kind of sounds like Fuckers, haha, get it?!” styled movies (via Exclaim)

Remember when Ibiza was seen as a super cool party island in Europe? Well, now it’s going to get a lame resident DJ – Party Hilton. Actually, a reasonably slutty attractive DJ might not be a bad thing, as long as she doesn’t play her own tracks at all. Hilton will be the Dj at Amnesia Ibiza on Wednesdays from July 31 to August 21 (via Billboard)

I thought it was weird when Justin Timberlake named a new track after a sexual assault foundation. Now the Take Back the Night foundation has sent a letter to Timberlake threatening legal action. Timberlake did issue a formal apology and played the “I don’t know the foundation, but since I’m super popular, maybe this song can help spread the word about the foundation” card. Let’s hope this doesn’t get ugly. (via Rolling Stone)

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