Watch! Animal Parts – King of Kings

We have a new video from Toronto’s Animal Parts, which is thankfully not of actual animal parts. Yes, I’m retiring that joke after using it twice. The first video we showcased was for What Our Love Is, and this one is named after me (how sweet) and is called King of Kings.

animal parts (photo credit - Ari Heinikainen)

The video features singer Josh Cockerill trying on a bunch of lumberjack and trucker outfits, looking like how the rest of the world thinks a Canadian looks. The song features a nice tempo change near the end, while a tortured Josh (figuratively, not literally) screams out the pain he is feeling. Check it out below, and grab the album, which is out now.

Animal Parts – King of Kings

Animal Parts- King of Kings (Official Video) from Adrian Vieni (Wood & Wires) on Vimeo.

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