Listen! Inventions – Entity

Sometimes you put things together and make other awesome things. Homer Simpson did it with Skittlebräu. I did it with – actually, I won’t finish, since I can’t top Skittlebräu. The latest combination of awesomeness comes to us courtesy of Mark Smith from Explosions in the Sky (who we interviewed) and Eluvium (or Matthew Cooper as his birth certificate reads). They are now known as Inventions.

Inventions - Entity
The Inventions side project will see an album come out on April 1, so it’ll definitely be soundtracking whatever pranks I get up to on April Fool’s Day. The instrumental track is more Eluvium than EITS, with snippets of the trademark Explosions sound flittering in throughout the song. Bonus: SoundCloud has a cool new embedded player and you can check out the artwork AND music below.

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