Watch! No Doubt – Settle Down

Late-1990’s ska-rock darlings No Doubt are back with their first album in 11 years and you know what that means…they really, really need the money bad. Since we last heard from No Doubt, lead singer/fashionista wannabe Gwen Stefani pulled a Beyonce and went solo. She also married the singer dude from Bush (remember Machinehead?). Well, since no one is buying Bush albums these days, it’s up to Gwen to bring in the family dough. Hence, the new album, Push And Shove, from No Doubt out this September. The video for the first single, Settle Down, has just come out (via

Wow, it’s easy to understand the one big uniting factor in bringing No Doubt back together: the band members’ pure hatred of their natural hair colours. I know some people who are stoked about a No Doubt reunion, the eye-liner and hair-dye manufacturers of the greater Anaheim-area. The new song actually isn’t too bad. The first thing I notice in the video is the band looks exactly the same as they did 10 years ago, including their clothes. Early-2000’s solo Gwen wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing this shit. Oh, and the Harajuku Girls can F-OFF please, as if they show up. Check out the colourful new video from No Doubt:

No Doubt – Settle Down

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  1. 2012/08/29

    […] Can super producer Diplo help bring No Doubt back to the top of the mainstream heap? You can find out below, by listening to the Diplo-produced title track by No Doubt, for Push and Shove. This is our second sampling of Push and Shove, with the first being Settle Down. […]