Watch! Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits

Mystery Jets are an indie rock band from the UK, which, by PHM law, might make me required to write about them, I will have to check that out. The band has a new video out for their poppy tune about music, Greatest Hits, which is off their new album Radlands. The song is apparently about what to do with your record collection when you break up with someone.

This colourful video has the band hanging around a carnival and having some fun. When the fun is over and the band has fallen asleep, the girlfriend takes off down the beach on horseback with the lead singer’s precious vinyl collection. It is much easier to steal record collections these days, just jack your ex’s tiny little IPod.

Some comments on the video: I love the fact the girlfriend’s new BF on the phone at the start of the vid has a total hick accent. Also, the girl might want to rethink her getaway strategy. A horse? Really? That might work in Gondor or Westeros (nerd alert!) but these days the guy can just wake up and call a friend with a truck or check his phone for a dune-buggy rental app and get him some wheels to go catch her. Check the new video out:

Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits

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