Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for: The Cribs (2012 Camden Crawl Review)

Disclaimer: The Cribs don’t get the PeteHatesMusic standard Camden Crawl review. Not because they are special (no offense, Cribs), but because I was in the mosh pit and had a few beers and my ability to write eloquently (not that I ever do that) would be subpar. Random points:

Number of cups of beers thrown that hit me in the first 30 seconds: 2

Anger level of the girl next to me who got hit with a beer: 11/10

Anger level of Pete when he got wet from the girl shaking out her wet hair like a dog: 11/10

Trend at UK concerts that needs to stop: Surprise – it’s throwing drinks. I understand you’re excited. I understand that you love the Cribs. Why not drink your expensive drink, get drunk, and celebrate your fandom by yelling, dancing, and moshing? Sorry, just don’t get it.

Reception to new singles, Chi-Town and Come On, Be a No One: 9.5/10. Again, I was in the pit and everyone was pretty crazy regardless of what was happening. Pretty sure there could’ve been feedback and the crowd would’ve thrown beers. Okay, that’s disrespectful to the Cribs, but you hopefully get my point.

Weight lost due to sweating in mosh pit: 7 pounds / half a stone. It was hot and hectic down there.

The Last Word: 9/10 – Again, hard to be unbiased. I was a) drunk b) with the hardcore fans in the mosh pit and c) drunk. I was not paying nearly as much attention as a reviewer should. I also was dying from dehydration and “might” have left early. Rock and roll star, I apparently am not. Sorry, fans – I’m a phony!

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