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For those who don’t care about the Camden Crawl, there will be no more posts flooding the blog. For those who missed the fun or want to validate their own opinions, check out our Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for all of the bands that we saw. Alright, time for Monday’s Morning Music Notes.

More MCA Tributes, Including Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock), Red Hot Chili Peppers, and MCA’s Mom

With the Camden Crawl posts burying our earlier posts, you might have missed our MCA Twitter tribute round up, or Coldplay’s live cover of Fight for Your Right. Unsurprisingly, more tributes poured in over the weekend, including ones from the Beastie Boys’ camp.

MCA’s mom spoke to the NY Times noting “He was a very courageous person,” Frances Yauch said. “He fought a long battle with cancer. He was hopeful to the very end. It all just seemed to happen overnight,” She added: “He was a terrific guy and had a brief but really wonderful life. We are really proud of him.”

pwr-2-mca (via


Adam Horovitz, better known as Ad Rock, took to the Beastie Boys blog to talk about his friend and bandmate, MCA. “as you can imagine, shit is just fkd up right now. but i wanna say thank you to all our friends and family (which are kinda one in the same) for all the love and support. i’m glad to know that all the love that Yauch has put out into the world is coming right back at him. thank you.” The above picture was also featured on the blog.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a show in Newark, just across the river from the Beastie Boys’ home town. Anthony Kiedis paid tribute by wearing a green t-shirt with MCA scrawled in black across the back (via Billboard). “We lost a good man today,” Kiedis said. “He left the world a lot of beauty. I hope you carry that flame. Adam was for real.”

The RHCP also did instrumental covers of both Gratitude, and So What’cha Want. The P.A. also played Check Your Head before the show, and the first song after the set was done was Fight for Your Right, with the exiting crowd apparently singing along. Check out the footage of Gratitude below (which segues into Around the World by RHCP) and So What’cha Want.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Gratitude (instrumental live cover of Beastie Boys)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – So What’cha Want (instrumental live cover of Beastie Boys)

Non-MCA News: Marina and the Diamonds is the Number One Album in the UK

Goodbye Jack White, hello Marina and the Diamonds. Marina Diamandis’ band has knocked Jack White down to #3 on the album charts, while she captures the number 1 spot (via NME). Lana Del Rey is number 2, and Adele is still hanging around at number 5. Short and sweet.

Steven Tyler Goes to the Playboy Mansion

Aerosmith lead singer, American Idol judge, and creepy old man, Steven Tyler, made an appearance at the Playboy Mansion (via Rolling Stone). How did Viagra and Cialis NOT sponsor this event?! The event was for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, and I’m sure sex, drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll were all had. The camp allows fans to live out their dreams and spent 4 days training to play with Tyler or other rocks. How about Hugh Hefner’s Playboy fantasy camp – how does one get to train for that?

Stream the Best Coast and Beach House albums – Sadly, Not on This Website

2 highly anticipated albums are the new ones from Best Coast and Beach House. And you can stream them right now – over at The albums don’t come out until May 14 in the UK, May 15 in North America.

Soundgarden Album Likely to Be Out in September or October

Soundgarden fans are half excited by the recent new song, Live to Rise, on the Avengers soundtrack, while the other half think they are going to ruin their legacy. I’m not sure what side of the fence you’re on, but you’ll get to hear a slew of new stuff, when Soundgarden drops their new album this September, or more likely October (via Rolling Stone). Speaking to Rolling Stone, singer (and still surprisingly good looking) Chris Cornell says “(Live to Rise) was the last song that was written,” and “(The album) is done. It’ll be out in probably October,” he says. “I would say September but I’m just guessing October. We’re pretty much done with everything.”

No word on album name, tracklisting, or epic Blackhole Sun-esque videos, which is much better than the commercial that is the Live to Rise video. The band should’ve dressed up AS the Avengers, right?!

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