Ride Your Bike to Make Awesome Google Maps Art

PeteHatesMusic has an unhealthy obsession with tofu Google Maps and Google Streetview. From Google Maps Wooden Art, to Google Streetview in the Great Barrier Reef (amongst other places), if Google Maps does it, we want to see it. Michael Wallace (no titles, such as “artist” or “musician”, just a random guy) looked at the Google Maps for his city of Balitmore, drew some awesome shapes, such as a truck, a centaur, or a bear, then tracked his bike’s movement to create original, Google Map art (via Buzzfeed).

Skeptics will say that he didn’t ride his bike, he just drew some lines in MS Paint. To that I say….well, you might be right, but that renders the story (and therefore, this blog post) useless, so let’s say he DID cycle. Full documentation, map galleries, and other info is over at www.wallygpx.com.

bike centaur (via wallygpx.com)


bike skull (via wallygpx.com)

Bike Bear (via wallygpx.com)

Bike truck (via wallygpx.com)

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