Listen! The D.A. – We Hungry

We at PeteHatesMusic make mistakes (typically, every time we sit in front of a keyboard). 2 months ago, I bookmarked a great new song by The D.A., called Big Woman. At the same time, I switched web browsers, from the unstable (for me) Firefox, to Google Chrome. The bookmark didn’t make it over for some reason, and the song stayed bookmarked in the unused browser, until I got an email telling me about a NEW song by the D.A., which reminded me about the OLD song I wanted to post. So unnecessarily long and boring story short, I’m going to present you with 2 new songs by The D.A.

The D.A. are from El Paso, and just played SXSW. They play some dance rock, which we here at PHM typically love as much as gummi bear candies. The band released You Kids! last year, and have been recently songs from the album, as bands typically do. Before this post dissolves more into a “How Not To Write A Post (When Hungover)” exhibit, I’ll stop typing and give you their latest song, We Hungry, followed by the song I should’ve given you 2 months ago, Big Woman.

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