Cee Lo Green Sings Fuck You at President Obama Fundraiser

You’re running a fundraiser for President Barack Obama. You decide to pick Cee Lo Green to sing at the event. Presumably you’ve heard of him. Presumably you know that his radio-altered hit, Forget You, was actually changed from Fuck You, which is the proper (and superior) version. You also should assume that Cee Lo will sing this hit, featuring a swear word as the chorus, at the fundraising event. If you failed to do all this, you are one poor fundraising manager.

Anyway, if the intro paragraph didn’t clue you in, Cee Lo sung Fuck You at an event, and Fox News (of all people) were shocked by this turn of events. I hope I die before I become like the broadcasters and don’t know who people like Cee Lo Green are.

(via Buzz Feed)

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