Ridiculous: Listen to all 226 Beatles Songs AT ONCE

I must admit, the Beatles are my favourite band and that will (most likely) not change until the day I die. I like to listen to them as often as I can, and once I hear one album, I immediately want to hear another. Perhaps London based DJ, Ramjac, can save me some time. He has layered all 226 Beatles tracks so that you can listen to them at the same time. Practical, right? (read: no).

The ‘song’ is called All Together Now, and starts with the longest song (Revolution Number 9) and then adds songs based on their length. All 226 songs all end at the same time in one chaotic mess. Give it a listen and be prepared for some kind of beautiful mess.

All Together Now – Everything the Beatles ever did. by ramjac

(via Dvice)

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