Music Transformed to Visual Art with Speakers and Paint

Music and visual art are intrinsically linked. Both art forms find inspiration in one another. Artist Miles Klimas has taken the inspiration literally, and created amazing photographs of a true visual interpretation of music. He did so by putting paint on some speakers, playing some music, cranking up the volume, and then snapping some pics (via Gizmodo). Sure, the Blue Man Group might have done something similar, but you can’t hang them on your wall, can you? Well, if you’re some kind of human hunter, I suppose you could.

Kraftwork Transistor (via Martin Klimas and NY Times)

Some facts about the project (via NY Times):

Average Amount of Paint Used Per Shot: 6 ounces
Total Amount of Paint Used on the Project: 18.5 Gallons
Shutter Speed: 1/7000 of a second
Number of Blown Speakers: 2

Miles Davis Pharaoh's Dance (via Martin Klimas and NY Times)

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