BBC’s iPlayer iPhone App is a Good One

The BBC made famous by Austin Powers singing about the various numbers of the channels has launched a new iPhone app. That’s all people do – “launch” apps – why aren’t they released or any other verb? Anyway, the app shows off the powerful content on both BBC’s TV and Radio channels (via Gigwise).

“A system called ‘live channel hopping’ enables viewers to flip between live channels, in the same way as on normal televisions. ‘Background listening’ means that iPhone and iPod users can listen to the Corporation’s radio stations while using other functions on their device. The addition of 3G streaming allows viewers access to a programme that previously needed Wi-Fi to work.”

The free app has proven to be a winner for BBC, with 16.5 MILLION programmes watched in October alone. This has doubled in the last year. So what are you waiting for – the BBC to slap a price on it? Start listening to all the new Brit bands, like the Beatles, the Who, and Pink Floyd. Don’t worry boys, one of your bands is bound to make it in America.

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