Morning Music Notes: Farmville – The Movie?

I just received an email saying my iPhone 4S in in Hong Kong and shall arrive in my hands Monday morning. Sidenote: My spellchecker knows what ‘Kong’ is, but not ‘Hong’ – wtf? Anyway, iPhone – Monday. No line ups and hassle, and do I REALLY need it on Friday (answer: yes, but I like sleep). Expect every post to be dictated to Siri, the new virtual assistant on the phone. Let’s know she knows her shit.

Sign Up to Stream Florence + The Machine’s New Album

Another day, another artist wanting you to sign up to something to stream their new album. If you sign up to, you can access the Florence stream on October 27 (via Gigwise). At first I thought it was tied to Chanel, the perfume, and I was yelling “Sell Out”, but this is somehow slightly better.

Farmville: Coming to a Theatre Near You?

Internet rumours about about an Internet game from an Internet social network site is bound to spell disaster. But here goes nothing. This week screenwriters Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen (Toy Story) released a small nugget of information regarding their future projects, one of them directly affiliated with Zynga, the creators of Farmville (via SlashGear).

“The writers spoke with IGN this week about several things, one of them being their future affiliation with the Zynga gaming brand. Last we heard from Zynga, they were expanding their empire to a whole new site currently called Project Z. Before that, they were launching CityVille on Google+. Now what we’re hearing, through these Toy Story screenwriters, is that there may well be not just a Zynga movie right around the bent, but a Farmville movie at that.”

Let’s get Trent Reznor to do the soundtrack for that – it seems to be his cup of tea these days.

Dave Grohl Joins Cage the Elephant Live

Guest drummer for hire, Dave Grohl, added to his extension CV by joining Cage the Elegant in a live gig last night. Cage the Elephant are supporting the Foo Fighters on their tour right now, and Cage drummer had a burst appendix (a likely story), so who else to the rescue but Mr. Dave Grohl.

”Dave somehow heard what had happened and called our tour manager,” guitarist Lincoln Parrish told Spin , ‘Hey, so do you think the guys would go for it?’. Our manager was like ‘Um, yeah!!!’

He added: ”I had to pinch myself. I turned around and Dave Grohl is playing the drums. It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nobody can replace Jared. But it’s Dave ****ing Grohl. If you’re going to be replaced by anybody, it might as well be the best.”

Check out a video of Dave Grohl on drums with Cage the Elephant (note: not professionally shot, no offense)

[youtube eOvzEvMIhj4]

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