Guitars + Lasers = Awesomeness!

From Slashgear comes news of a guitar that uses lasers to detect pitch. Yes, that’s right – a guitar with lasers!

“The laser system is called the Laser Pitch Detection Pickup. The system can detect the pitch of a string before the player even plucks the guitar strings. The goal is to reduce the latency when recording a stringed instrument.”

“The Laser Pitch Detect or LPD Pickup system is made by a company called M3i Technologies. The lasers on the system are able to measure the distance to the player’s fingers and determine the pitch automatically. The system uses a laser diode set on the end with the bridge. The LPD can be used on any stringed instrument with a fingerboard.”

Next, I want to see drums that shoot at laser beams when you hit them. Pow pow! Or pew pew i guess.

Check out a video of the magic below.

[youtube dFGnlsCsZ44]

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