Morning Music Notes – Rain at Glastonbury?! Where do you get your info?

Huge English rock festival Glastonbury is this upcoming weekend. The weather forecast? Rain. It seems everything is right in the world. All we need is Amy Winehouse to show up drunk, and then the predictable events can unfold.

U2 have admitted to being nervous ahead of their big Glastonbury headlining slot. Larry Mullen Jr. (the “cool one”) has said it is tough because everyone wants to hear different songs. Here is a hint Larry – no one wants to hear anything from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb No Line on the Horizon.

Recently purchased music label EMI is now for sale again. Music observers have commented that “as long as I can still download my favourite songs for free, I don’t give a crap about music labels.”

Best Buy is launching a Music Cloud service to rival Apple. Apparently market research did NOT reveal that Apple dominates at everything they do, and that resistance is futile. There is no immediate tie in to Napster which died 10 years ago was purchased by Best Buy in 2008.

The Strokes, who were the hottest band at the beginning of last decade (only to take time off and lose their momentum), have vowed to record their next album soon, so as not to lose any momentum. Sounds logical to me.

Fred Durst has admitted that he doesn’t listen to rap-rock, which is what his band Limp Bizkit are known for. Well Fred, neither we do.

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