Morning Music Notes – Rejecting Chris Martin

Amy Winehouse’s Pre-Death Album Plans

If Amy Winehouse hadn’t have died, OR if she rises from the dead, her third album would’ve likely featured a jazz supergroup (via NME). Amy’s producer, Salaam Remi, has said that Winehouse was hoping to include The Roots’ ?uestlove and sax player Lisa Simpson Soweta Kinch in her group. Sidenote: I think more people need punctuation to form a part of their name, because it is flat out awesome.

“Remi also told the Associated Press that Winehouse had written all the songs that she wanted to appear on her third album and had even picked out song titles. The producer also added that at the time of the singer’s death, the release of her third album would still have been a long way off, saying: “She was taking her time with it [her third album], and at the end of the day all of her songs are somewhat autobiographical, so she had to live through something, then get out of it and then look back at it to be able to write about it”.

However, Winehouse only recorded 2 songs for her third album, and they will appear on her posthumous album ‘Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures’, which is out on December 6 in North America. That is, until the NEXT Amy Winehouse album is announced, and it will be revealed that she actually recorded 4 songs (call me a cynic).

New Order to Release Outtakes Album

New Order last released an album in 2005, which is coincidentally the last time I had a date. New Order has a few outtakes from their recording session and will release these on an album called Lost Sirens (via Consequence of Sound).

The band hasn’t made any official announcement about the album, but the album is listed in several online retailers, who aren’t lying, right? The album doesn’t have a release date (since it ain’t even official yet) but is shown to have 8 tracks, 7 of which are unreleased, and 1 which features the jazz supergroup ?uestlove and Soweta Kinch.

Chris Martin Rejected By Beyoncé

Unfortunately, that headline isn’t as accurate as I would like it to be. Chris Martin wrote a song for Beyoncé’s new album, but it was rejected (via Gigwise).

Martin told Maxim magazine: “Well, I did write a song for Beyoncé, but it got rejected by her A&R people. And the one I wrote for Rihanna didn’t get rejected. It was when she was doing Rated R, but it took so long – there’s still this tribalism in music where we’re rock and you’re pop and you’re hip-hop, and it sometimes takes a while to get across those barriers.”

“A 14-year-old doesn’t even see those barriers. So once we started thinking like that, it was, ‘Who cares if we used to be shelved in different places in Tower Records?’ She’s f*cking rad, and I love listening to her. It’s my favourite real singing on the album, because it isn’t me.”

It’s sadly actually my favourite song on the new album, too. Oh that Rihanna…..

Watch! MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

A few months ago, MGMT curated a compilation called LateNightTales. On the disc, they threw in a song of their own – a cover of Bauhaus’ All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. There is now a cool little accompanying animated video to go with the song. Check it out below.

MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
[youtube u5E-GfJKMiY]

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