Make Your Ears Happy – Sometime in 2020

Given all of the bad things to happen in 2020, PeteHatesMusic emerging from its year-plus slumber is just another lump of coal in the 2020 stocking. Besides endless meetings consisting of “You’re on mute!”, “Can you see my screen?”, and “Pete, we can tell you’re watching soccer”, I have been listening to a lot of music. While most of it has been ‘comfort music’ – old albums that I know top to bottom – I have managed to find a few new songs here and there.

While we all know blogs are dead, and celebrity-curated playlists is the only way to discover music, I stubbornly made my own playlist on Spotify, and have shared it below.

We have new gems from bands like Fleet Foxes, Run the Jewels, Cut Copy, Perfume Genius, and about a dozen others (math isn’t my strong suit, but it’s about right). Give it a listen below.

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