Make Your Ears Happy – 2H January 2018

January is almost over, and that means stores will shortly start playing Christmas music. To avoid the insanity that is early Christmas music, or maybe just because we love new music, we have a playlist for you to end the 2nd half of the month.

Born Ruffians - Uncle Duke and Chief

As noted in the post for the 1st half of January, we’re aiming to do a post in the middle and end of each month. We’ll also add to a massive Spotify playlist, that’ll have all the tunes in one easy to locate place? Don’t have Spotify? Well, 100 million people do, and it is free, so just sign up. But we also have YouTube playlists if you’re lazy.

This month, we have new music from Oscar nominated Radiohead guitarist and composed, Jonny Greenwood, The Decemberists, Spanish indie poppers Hinds, Born Ruffians, and a few more. Check out the playlists below – unfortunately, Playmoss couldn’t embed some of the videos into one nice playlist, so you get a dog’s breakfast below (unless you are on Spotify – hintity hint hint).

Make Your Ears Happy – 2H January 2018

Master Playlist in Spotify

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