Weekend Music – It’s July!

Hope you’re enjoying summer. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere – suckers!

Here are 10 new tracks that have one thing in common – they are to be listened to LOUDLY over your weekend.

1. The entire Chance The Rapper album is free on iTunes US right now. I’m in Canada, so I haven’t heard it, but this is cool…

2. NEW Aphex Twin… now called AFX, releasing new music after a 13 year hiatus. Features this catchy title: Serge Fenix Rendered 2

3. Paul Woolford remix of The Chemical Brothers’ new track GO.

4. Not sure exactly what the backstory is on this one, but Zane Lowe premiered it on his first Apple Music broadcast – ’nuff said. This is Gallant – Weight In Gold.

5. Okay – gotta get some insanity into this week’s tracks. This is French duo Alesia teamed up with UZ (nobody knows who UZ is – that’s his thing). Madness.

6. Leftfield has been making electronic music since 1989. Show some respect and listen to The Special Request (Paul Woolford) remix of Bilocation.

7. This new Evil Needle track Heaven is somewhere between the hardest police movie soundtrack I’ve ever heard, and some seriously smoothed-out hip hop. Interesting listen:

8. This is amazing stuff from UK producer Ossie. Just when you think you get the groove, you don’t!

9. Oh man, drum & bass just doesn’t get old! This is a Machinedrum remix of Hail Di King’s Brrd.

10. Kant remix of Outkast classic Ms. Jackson


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