Weekend Music – June 12

It’s already June! Here are XXX new tracks. Recommended playback volume: loud.

1. Seinabo Sey – Younger. Epic.

2. Okay – ignore the lyrics here. Melbourne’s Air Max ’97’s beats are BRUTAL (that’s good!)

3. KrankBrother – Child’s Play. Arpeggiated bassline badness.

4. Tourist – Holding on. Big sweeping pads and syncopation galore.

5. Alessia Cara – Here. Not the first great refix of a Portishead track… won’t be the last.

6. Here’s a sampler from the L.A.-based label Soulection. Listen now, because this is what pop music is going to sound like within a year.

7.Berlin’s Dave DK – Whitehill. Deep man, deep.

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