CMW Critical Conclusions for…Cairo (Canadian Music Week 2015 concert review)

Canadian Music Week 2015 kicked off for Team PeteHatesMusic at The Drake. Read on to discover our CMW Critical Conclusions for Cairo. This review is brought to you by PHM Contributor Kristina.

Venue: The Drake

First Impression: I had gone to the washroom before Toronto band Cairo came on and when I came back the entire room had completely stopped. Nate Daniel’s sultry voice had completely captivated the entire audience, myself included.

Stage Presence: Nate Daniels (vocals, guitar), Caitlyn Grieves (violin) and Dante Beradi (guitar) were putting on an acoustic show minus drummer Matt Sullivan. The simplicity of their stage presence lended to the ambiance that their folk rock sound creates.

Crowd Reaction: The crowd started out completely hypnotized by Cario’s deep and almost soothing sound. After awhile fans began shouting out requests and dancing to upbeat tunes. The crowd was in love.

Random Observation: At one point the crowd was so hushed you could hear me trying my best to get a piece of gum quietly.

Last Word: 9/10. I had listened to some of their music before going to the show but their recorded tracks do not do justice to their live sound. Cairo is playing a full piece show Friday May 8 at 12 am at Sneaky Dees. Even though they have a later set it’s definitely worth staying out past bed time for this group.

(Editor’s note: I was at Cairo’s album release party earlier this year and do not share as positive an outlook on the band’s live show. That’s the beauty of music and music journalism – friendly difference of opinions, although the Editor is always right, right?)

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