Listen! The Go! Team – The Scene Between

There was a period of my life where I was obsessed with The Go! Team. I would listen to Thunder, Lightning, Strike all the time, applying the songs as theme songs to various parts of my life, working the song titles into sentences and on-going (read: annoying) inside jokes. Now just over 10 years later (and a few albums later), the band are returning on March 24 with new album The Scene Between.

The Go Team - The Scene Between

The Go! Team are promising a return to their indie rock roots on their new album. Our first listen is the title track (which is The Scene Between for those of you not paying attention). While not as riotous as tracks off of Thunder, Lightning, Strike, it has that poppy, comfy vibe, showing off good production and pleasant vocals. Check it out below, before I start throwing down some 10 year old Go! Team inside jokes to no one.

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