Weekend Music – Something is raw…

Some raw weekend music listening for you.

1. Although this is actually pretty old (2012), it’s new to us… and it’s Something Is Raw, from Germany’s STL.

2. Deep, dark, mysterious. No clue where this comes from, but it’s called Neph, and it’s by something called Klaus.

3. Getting funkier, but still heavy, this is UK’s Simba with a new track called Count To 3 (on Madtech records).

4. Even funkier, and from the home of funk music – Poznan Poland. Check out Klaves’ new track People. It’s about some people.

5. Everything The Reflex releases is a must-listen. This is a remake of Talking Heads’ Burning Down the House… made completely from the original sounds.

6. Last (not least), something new from Maya Jane Coles… a remix of The Acid’s track Ghost.

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