Weekend Music: Beats of the week.

It’s the weekend! Here’s a pile of tracks to get you in the weekend spirit.

1. Gorgeous synth chords from Seattle’s Odesza, remixed by The Netherlands’ Ganz (who only makes gold).

2. Monstrous bassline and amazing rhythm from a young woman who is also known as ‘Alice’ from London.

3. Good old-fashioned dance music from Norway’s Funkin’ Matt.

4. I don’t really know what this is, but turn it up loud and get lost.

5. A funky psychedelic pop interlude from Liverpool band All We Are

6. This beat! Bass up high for Laval’s High Klassified.

7. 100BPM madness from L.A.’s Valentino Khan. Note how this is slightly slower than (almost) everything else on this list. For some reason, this is the sweet spot for making people dance.

8. Here’s one for the end of your night… gorgeous R&B from L.A.’s Flying Lotus.

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