Listen! Owl John – Red Hand

We interviewed the lovely Frightened Rabbit last year, and even caught them at Osheaga for good measure. Singer Scott Hutchison has decided to go it alone (much like me on every single date), and is doing so under the Owl John moniker. He likes rabbits and owls I take it.

Owl John

When you take the singer and a similar rock sound out as a solo attempt, it’s bound to sound like the original act (see: Dan Auerbach’s solo album versus the Black Keys). Yes, the songs are different enough to warrant continued adoration and even new fans, but it isn’t a completely new sound. This is not a bad thing.

Check out Scott’s mini-break from Frightened Rabbit with the upbeat, driving track Red Hand, which has Hutchison at his finest vocally. Bonus: you can also check out Hate Music below, which is interesting, since Pete Hates Music.

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