Morning Music Notes – New Music Tuesday!

Lots of new music today. Huzzah!


Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out of It

Arctic Monkeys new video – featuring… A STEAK!

First, there’s the new video for Arctic Monkeys’ Snap Out of it, which features a supermodel running through the gamut of emotions while watching old footage of Arctic Monkeys practicing. Also, a steak.

Then, there’s a new Queens of the Stone Age song called Victim of Circumstance, which Josh Homme debuted at a solo show in London this week.

And finally, an extremely rare Aphex Twin EP (one pressing, copies sold for $8k!) has seen the light of day. A Kickstarter campaign raised over $20k from fans, who worked with the UK producers’ label and had a digital copy released to the Kickstarter backers, which has now been shared on YouTube. [insert something here about ‘the music business these days’] Read more about this interesting release via NME…

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