Morning Music Notes – Jail Selfie

Lana Del Rey is all sorts of shades of cool. Well, it’s appropriate that her latest song features that exact title – Shades of Cool.


What starts off sounding a bit James Bond-esque with its intro, is a string-filled, Dan Auerbach-produced (hence the screaming guitar solo), scaling song that Lana Del Rey often does so well. Lana Del Rey was made from parts of decades past. Enjoy the new tune below.

Lana Del Rey – Shades Of Cool

Morning Music Notes

Although it is technically ‘new Kanye West music’, I feel that many websites led poor music fans to believe that a proper song was released. No, it was not. However, we do get a taste of the new Kanye West track God Level, produced by an army of people – produced by Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean. and Noah Goldstein – backing an Adidas World Cup commercial. No complaints here.

The Dream: all in or nothing

The fastest selling album in the UK this year, and this past week, is not surprisingly Coldplay and their new album Ghost Stories. They sold 168,000 copies and made their sixth album their sixth number one record. (via The Independent)

I’m not sure what Radiohead or Thom Yorke specifically did to Dave Grohl. First Grohl took a pot shot at Atoms for Peace during his keynote speech at SXSW in 2013. Now the Foo Fighters frontman has said “As we were coming down from the success of the last record, I thought, ‘Now we have license to get weird’. If we wanted, we could make some crazy, bleak Radiohead record and freak everyone out. Then I thought, ‘F- that.’” No comment from this beloved Radiohead fan, just in case Grohl is reading. (via Consequence of Sound)

What is the world coming to when a man can’t stroll through airport security with a little marijuana? That is what Wiz Khalifa tried (and failed) to do in El Paso, Texas. On the bright side, it led to some “jail selfies”. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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