CMW Critical Conclusions for…ODESZA (Canadian Music Week 2014 concert review)

Day 4 of Canadian Music Week and we’re still alive and kicking. The one and only band we wanted to check out was Seattle’s ODESZA.

Venue: Tattoo

First Impressions: Big crowd, video projections, and an instantly danceable beat – this is gonna be fun!


Stage Presence: Moving and grooving to the very beats they were throwing down. A bit of banter every few songs.

Crowd Reaction: Dancing from the first note. Some guy disagreed and hopped on stage to hype up the crowd, which seemed to send them into a frenzy.

Random Observation: Cool animated video projections. Why don’t more bands do this?!

Banter: “We’re from Seattle and we’re going to play a lot of weird shit.” Check.

The Last Word: 8.5/10 – High energy and dancey beats the entire time. They switched from knob twisting to some live electronic drums for the odd track to mix things up. Some poor transitions wrecked the flow at times, but it was enjoyable from start to finish.

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