Morning Music Notes – Recovery

Sorry for the lack of Morning Music Notes – I’ve been sick all week and my bed has been calling me. I make my triumphant return today, along with some new music from Aussie electro dancers Strange Talk.

Strange Talk - Cast Away

Off of new album, Cast Away, comes So So LaLa, an oddly catchy mid-tempo song from the band. I say oddly catchy as it’s sort of a mix of an epic sounding score mixed with a dancey sort of song, yet they combine to make a really unique song in my opinion. Great vocals help, too. Check out what the heck I’m trying to describe below.

Morning Music Notes

Lucky fans at Toronto Raptors game last night a) didn’t see Rob Ford, as he was being taking a leave after doing more crack b) saw the Raps take a 3-2 series lead and c) might have gotten a Drake lint roller. The latter was given out after Drake was seen oddly rolling lint from his pants in a courtside seat in the middle of Game 1. Take that, Raptors foam finger.

Sticking with Drake and the Toronto Raptors, Drake famously said the Raptors were the people’s team, while Brooklyn Nets’ former owner Jay Z was busy eating fondue. Jay Z seemingly responded with a verse on DJ Khaled’s new track They Don’t Love You No More, saying “Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my drawstring. Wrong sport, boy, you know you soft as a lacrosse team.” In a response from Major League Lacrosse, they say “Mr. Carter (Jay Z) would not last one minute on a lacrosse field during a match and he is more than welcome to come to any of our games and try.” Booyah! (via Billboard)

I find stories like this fascinating: Cee Lo Green passed the song Happy onto Pharrell Williams. I bet he is regretting that. Interestingly, I can totally see Cee Lo singing that song. Another tidbit from Pharrell’s visit to Howard Stern – the songs on Justin Timberlake’s Justified were meant for Michael Jackson. Strange times. (via Pigeons and Planes)

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