Morning Music Notes – Bringing It Back to 66

New stuff from Canadian indie rocker Reignwolf. Following up his track Are You Satisfied? comes Lonely Sunday, which would describe my afternoon spent creating a zombie world of gummi bears on my kitchen table.

Reignwolf - Lonely Sunday

Reignwolf (Jordan Cook to his neighbours) just opened a whack of dates for Black Sabbath. Those who arrived early enough and heard Lonely Sunday would’ve heard another bluesy rock song, complete with waves of guitar and an often howling vocal track. Rock out below.

Morning Music Notes

DJ Rashad, a dance music innovator to many, died over the weekend. He was found dead at his home, with a drug overdose the suspected (but unconfirmed) cause of death. He was only 34. (via Consequence of Sound)

Kabasian have announced a new album. It’ll be called 48:13, and will be out June 9/10. It’ll have 13 one-word titled songs, with several song titles in brackets. And that’s about all I can tell you. (via Kasabian)

Oasis are not playing Glastonbury, despite Liam Gallagher showing off on Twitter that he can still spell Oasis. (via Guardian)

In actual concert news, Paul McCartney will play the last ever gig at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Fans of the Beatles will know this is where the Beatles played their last official show, back in August 29, 1966. I wonder if Paul will bring back as many groupies to his hotel as he did back in ’66. (via Rolling Stone)

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